July Fourth! 独立記念日!

I went to the work today, even though today is a holiday -- Independence Day!  How am I supposed be celebrate today and appreciate to  live in USA when everyone else is celebrating and I am working? Still, today is birthday of USA. 

My husband told me that is why there are fireworks for Independence Day. It is to remember the difficult war that American's fought to be free.  I never thought about the reason for it. Then Dan explained that when USA tried to become independent from British England, USA never give up the war despite all the "rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air" (it is from the national anthem. Finally USA became an independent country.
Now when I see them, the fireworks really look like cannon fire, and I think, "never give up."

When the fireworks started at 8:30 tonight, they were so beautiful, gorgeous fireworks, I enjoyed the victory of USA and appreciated to live here.