Two days ago, I suddenly decided to enroll in a Master degree by online course.  When I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts (I did it all in English!) I told myself, that's enough studying!  That's it!  I studied hard and struggled to finish my undergraduate degree while working.  I felt very satisfied.  I had learned a lot, especially critical thinking and I began using this method frequently in my life.  

I have lived a relaxed life for several years, almost like an American using my English, but instead like a visitor using Japanese! Ha!  I sometimes read magazines and one time, I read, "Life is once, if you consider doing something, just do it."  I recently run into these kinds of sentences everywhere.  So, I looked back over my life and asked myself, "Are you really satisfied with your present life?" My answer to myself was, "Well, I am doing fine, but I could do more."  

I check my fortune occasionally, just for fun. But it often says that, if I looked hard, I could find something special for me in the future.  

Okay, so, like Dan, now I am writing my own book, IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY. So I thought, if I studied some more, perhaps I could deepen my book.  Now my future seems even brighter and I can imagine my life after I graduate with my Master's degree.  Today, I started to fill out the application.  Woo, big job!  I am already concerned, but I remind myself to just do it! Just apply! Take the first step! The rest will follow. 

For my new life, just do it and enjoy the challenge!  I am so lucky to have a husband who pushes me to find and develop my new life.  Again, I will take up the challenge to reading in ENGLISH text books using my old study eyeglasses. I'm ready!