For some, it's money. For others it's steak and potatoes. For me, an Alaskan sourdough at hear, it has to be blueberries forever!  I recall hiking the sunny but misty rolling mountains north of Anchorage where I grew up. My three favorite things then were Ted (my very best friend), fishing, and, yet, blueberries. Sometimes Ted and I would hike the hills searching for blueberries, and when they were there, the whole mountainside would be covered with them. Little tiny one, intensely blue, often slightly tart, sometimes very sweet. Perfect for blueberry pie. Yum. 

It's been quite awhile since I revisited Alaska, but every birthday, my best friend, Ted, and his wife and son (my namesake) send me something blueberry: blueberry muffins, chocolate covered blueberry-jellys, wild blueberry jam, blueberry syrup. 

Some people like the blues, I love blueberries. Always will. Especially the wild Alaska kind.