Dan and I have been busy almost one month. We were surprised that we haven't blogged for one month. During the month, however, we returned to dancing, now two days a week! It was so fun dancing again. I'm glad Dan is able to dance again. For the past three years, I have been helping Dan to recover without surgery. The hours of massage and muscle releasing are paying off finally.

When we went to dancing, everyone we knew asked us what happened. We are so happy to be dancing again. 

In the past, we often argued who was at fault whenever our dancing seemed difficult. Now we are so pleased to dance again that we just looked at each other and smile. Even more than physical recovery, our perspective on dance has changed and continues changing. Now we take care of each other during dancing. I especially am careful about maintaining good balance and controlling how I project my weight. If I loose my balance, or our weight isn't coordinated, the resulting twisting might damage his knees again. Even I walk several miles everyday and exercise to keep my frame right.

While we lost a lot of practice time, we both learned how much we both love dancing -- especially ballroom and latin partner-dancing -- and have deepen and strengthened our relationship.