As an American, I have to admit my propensity for the Fourth of July - Independence Day. The celebration is all about freedom - freedom from oppression, freedom to choose, freedom to be, to imagine being, anything one wishes. No question about it. But for me it's the fireworks. You see, I was born on the Third of July, and believed until I was six that the fireworks the next day were in celebration of my having been born! Really! I was totally crushed when my school chums refused to back down from challenging my belief, and more so when my mother reluctantly confirmed the "truth." I say "truth" (in quotation marks) because, what the heck, it's independence day, and I can believe what I wish. Right? Isn't that what the holiday is all about? So, if I wish to believe the fireworks are for me, then I will. I will enjoy the fireworks today (the Fourth of July) perhaps more than anyone else, simply because I know in my heart -- I've never really doubted -- they're in celebration of my coming into this crazy world. Enjoy the fireworks and thanks for celebrating my birthday! :-)