When it comes to dressing, the feet have it! Where twenty years ago, shoes were shoes, and there was little difference from one men's brand to another, now there's foot dressing for every mood and occasion. 

For instance, there's "flash shoes," that flash bright lights every time one walks, calling attention to one's presence. "To shine like a light" was an achievable goal at last!

Then there's "rock shoes," with their curved bottoms and "natural" appeal. What could be better than natural shoes and natural walking, and the shoes say it all. 

I'm love dancing -- dancesport. Most sports have specialized equipment, and dancesport has its, too: dance shoes. "Standard shoes" have a suede sole and are soft as gloves. "Latin shoes" are stiffer and have a heightened heel, quite literally "high-heels." Surprised? The best dancing is actually stylized walking, and dancing shoes provide the style. 

Now for a a few shoe oxymorons:  How about "sneakers?" Have you ever sneaked in sneakers? And what about "tennis shoes?" Most are used for anything but tennis. And "running shoes?" When is that last time you saw some shoes run all by themselves?

One of my favorites is "boots." What are books for, anyway? Who or what are you supposed to boot? 

Clothes may make the man, but foot dressing makes the clothes.