Watching Disney's "Frozen" reminds us that somewhere in the world, there's more snow than just shave ice in a bowl. Shave ice is Hawaii's way of remembering what winter is like elsewhere. In fact, my favorite winter (i.e. shave ice) is Waialua dark chocolate flavor. Yumm. Now that's what I call winter.

Being originally from Alaska, I'm often asked why I moved to Hawaii. Sunshine, tradewinds, sweet smelling flowers, lots of great ballroom and latin dancing. I'm equally often asked if I miss Alaska, it's wildness, pure white snowy winters and cross country and downhill skiing. Yeah, well, when I do, I go into the kitchen, open the refrigerator freezer, stick my head in, take a deep breath, then close the fridge door and go out to the beach. Hey, what can I say; it's true.

I do miss parkas, fireweed, blueberries, being able to actually be alone (can't do that on the islands these days), fresh red salmon and poor-man's lobster (halibut coated with mayo and grilled). On the other hand, whenever I leave the islands for more than a couple days, I quickly miss the cultural diversity, vegetarian sukiyaki (Betty's special receipt), soba and, of course, no snakes or poisonous spiders!  Especially no snakes, though in fact, Alaska doesn't have snakes either.

Having said all this, I'd like to end this post with a hearty "Go winter!" -- Just don't go to Hawaii. :-)