I applied a job with the State of Hawaii last month. I had to wait almost four weeks to find out that I passed the first initial evaluation. I was told by mail. That was good! Three weeks later, I was invited and went to the interview. I was so nervous. I never had an interview by American government bureaucrats. My job experience and interviews were always with private companies.

The interviewers presented me with one after another potential problem with relationships with coworkers (this must be big problem for people with this job I guessed). I always got along with my coworkers well, so I'd never had big coworker problems. The imaginary problems they created were so weird and difficult I had little idea how to fix them. Anyway, I did my best, but I told them wouldn't it be better to prevent these kinds of problems rather than try to solve them when they've gotten completely out of hand? I don't think they appreciated this answer. 

After the interview, the leader mentioned that the actual hiring notices would go out two months later.  

I know they checked my background after moving to USA.  (好きなだけ調べてください!)

After the interview I didn't much expect them to hire me, and I wasn't sure anymore if I was offered it, if I wanted have to deal with complicated people problems. 

When I came home after finishing work today, I checked a message on my telephone answering machine. I had to listen three or four times to understand it, and finally understood that they didn't choose me. They just left the message, and one was not clear or particularly nice. No wonder they had to test everyone about bad interpersonal relationships!

I was so disappointed that I didn't receive a polite notice by email or letter. I guess I had too high expectations for everything. I should have known it from the interview and declined the job then and there. 

Right afterwards, I caught a cold. Maybe my summer cold attacked me for going along with a job I really didn't want in the end?