I write in English tonight,too.  When I went to my interview, I realized that I want to improve English more so I tried to write my Blog in English.  This is challenging for me and how much I can write it in English.
May be I will write my Blog in Japanese tomorrow.  I already am tired to write my Blog in English.

Today, I write about part one of my husband.  Dan, 
American, my husband and I met in California (CA). When my lady friend and I went to social dance class at YMCA in Berkeley CA. During dance lesson, Dan and my friend and I were no dance partners. My lady friend did not want to dance with Dan, so I danced him.  After dancing I found he was a professor. I asked him to be my private English teacher right a way.  Soon he moved to Hawaii.  Dan and I were long distance friends at that time.  When I called Dan by telephone, I learned is a very academic person. On the other hand, he is also very romantic and passionate. 

I'm sorry, but I'm feeling tired today. More tomorrow about Dan! :-)