I like to watch one hour TV program, "Antique show" every Sunday.  Today I watched this program, one man brought Koi fish shape weathervane for the program.  He bought this $17,500 from the dealer.  The professional collector on TV explained the Koi weathervane that is fake and value price is $500.  Oh my God!  The dealer sold it o expensive to  this man.  I can not believe it.  I wonder that the man could not figure it out, it was right or not.  It was expensive shopping.  Poor man!

Next one was silver tea pots set.  She bought six silver tea pots set $20.  The professional dealer said that one was so good shape, good design, and made around 1890.  The price is $80,000 to $90,000.  Oh my God!!  She can by a house.  She could not say anything one moment.  She was surprised that price.  I also smiled when she smiled.

When I watched this program, I learn about , especially American antiques. Also I learn about America and Americans. Americans collect different things from all over the world. Sometimes, their value is huge, and I smile and wonder why it was so valuable to Americans. Even the antique business seems to be booming. However, not everything old receives a good price. Other times it does, but one or two years later drops down in price! How can this be if the object has such great value for understanding American heritage? 

Anyway, when I watched this program, I enjoyed to imagine what it must have been like in the old era. And some day I would like to find something very valuable and I say "Oh my God!" on this television program.