My husband  asked me that why and how people play.  I said, what? I didn't know what to reply. He asked me another way how to play. How to play, I wondered?  Do you play alone? he asked this time.

I said that people play with other people, not alone.  For example, a husband and a wife go to someplace together and hold hands. That means when people play they often like touch, skin-to-skin, that is like somatic therapy (my definition of somatic therapy involves breathing and touch).

When people go to the theater, go shopping, go to restaurant, they really are playing. Through play, they have more experiences, understand more, and create more room for living.

Some people work hard and continuously, and don't play. That seems good, but this leaves the person with less and less room for life. For example, when the person goes to meeting, he or she may find it difficult to talk together except about business. On the other hand, some people are more open to play and have lots of experience to draw on. They are good at talking and they can empathize with others at the meeting.

Play also helps refresh people. I think that laughing and crying, both special forms of breathing, and other kinds of feelings come from play experience and the richness of one's feelings as well as his or her capacity for life come directly from how much one plays.

When I was a child, my elementary teacher mentioned that lots it was important for us to do lots of play and study hard.
Play and relax are very important to living a great life.

Good night!