Dan and Betty are now in the hotel and having a good four days relaxation time this year. When I paid the fee for staying at the hotel, I thought, "Oh, we could have taken dance lessons ten times more (!) and have money left over for something else, too. In the end, it was not a reasonable fee because the hotel was doing renovations. It was twice as much as last year, and they were busy fixing things.  

But, it's all right: We did not take a vacation last year.  

When we went to the room, I immediately forgot about the price of the room. The ocean is right in front of us and already whales were splashing and jumping. I was so excited and happy. I can hear the ocean and see the horse tail waves. I am so satisfied to stay here.

After dinner, I sat on the lanai, and watched the torches burning in the dark evening. I just heard waves and dark -- no sirens for fire engines or roaring vehicle sounds like in the city. It is just dark night, bright stars, and waves. How can anyone put a price on that? So much I am happy to stay here.  I listened to the sound of waves while I slept.

In the morning next day, I waked up to the sound of waves and watched the sun rise. How lucky I am to be here. The time seemed to past slower. I was watching more whales -- nature's movie. The breeze was comfortable. When I was sleepy I just took a nap with the energy sound of waves. I thought how lucky a person I am.

We've already decided to visit this same place next year, again. I have now plenty of energy and am ready to go back to work.  

Thank you Dan for giving me to the great time and also a special Valentine's day present. 
I am a truly lucky person and this is a really great vacation.