Aloha. Recently, I have been thinking of renewing my life and this blog. When I read my last blog entry, I was so busy finishing my master's degree in somatic therapy and publishing my book, IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant 2017), I couldn't find time to continue blogging, and I was afraid I'd have to end Futari Blog. Gladly, I have now finished my master's degree (yay!) and had my book published (double yay!), and now have time and interest. In fact, I've entirely changed my thinking about life and myself. Now I want to restart this blog to voice my new opinions. 

I used to feel pressured to accomplish things, but now I suddenly find I am very curious about...everything. It's like I just awoke from a long sleep. Everything is new and exciting. For example, I studied critical thinking for over eight years, but only now that I've finished my degree and book, I have come to understand the concept. I've only now come to understand so much more than I expected to learn in college and university. I want to talk about my discoveries in this blog.