Today's blog is about SEX (Special Epoxy X-ray - isn't that what you thought this was about? Ha, ha!). Last night after eating, I felt like a seed was stuck between my teeth. I used a toothpick to free the "seed" and noticed the edge of my tooth felt sharp. It didn't hurt, but it felt like a chip of tooth was missing. I called my dentist and made an appointment for the next day. 

The dentist took a special x-ray (S and X of SEX) of the tooth and said I had chipped the filling. Normally, that would mean drilling out the rest of the old metal filling (ouch!) and replacing it. But in my case, the filling was made of epoxy (the E in SEX) instead of metal. So, instead of pain shots and an hour of anxiety, it only took 5 minutes to add a little more epoxy, sculpt it perfectly, expose it to UV light to make it harden, and it was all fixed. No pain or drilling! Quick as a wink! I was so happy. 

There are three bonuses, too. Metal fillings look like shiny silver metal and are not very pretty. Epoxy fillings are the same color as the original tooth, and it is difficult to tell there is a filling there. Also, my dentist said that metal fillings tend to expand over the years and can make cracks in the tooth, while epoxy fillings don't have this problem. Finally, the old metal fillings can contain a small amount of mercury, which is not that good for physical or mental health. Epoxy fillings don't have this problem. 

Although they cost a little more, I like epoxy fillings, and actually enjoyed the S.E.X.! 


My dentist? Dr. Declan Devereux at Ala Moana Dental in Honolulu. He's the BEST!

Dan (smiling)