Do you know Solitaire? It is a card game that I like it. It is also a digital game, too. I enjoyed playing it from the first. I like it so much I one time played it all day and night.

Dan and I play the game several times every night in bed before going to sleep. Now we have accumulated almost 400,000 points. At first, it was not so difficult to solve, but recently it has become quite hard to complete a game. Still, the purpose is to use our "procedural" brain to relax to go to sleep.

On the other hand, sometimes it is difficult to stop playing the game, especially when I'm "on a roll" (winning). Sometimes we compete and other times we take turns throughout the game. When we play we are like children.Finally we close our iPad and talk about that night's games, cuddle and go to sleep.

Solitaire is our toy, keeping our mathematical brains sharp and promoting good relationship. Do you have a game you like to play before sleeping? :-)