When I read Dan's Blog tonight, I remembered a class I took calle, "The Ecological Perspective."  During this course I had to give a five-minute presentation for my final. The title of mine was "Geckoes and Humans Coexist in Hawaii." From the ecological perspective, domestic households in Hawaii commonly include humans and geckos.

I actually dislike geckoes. One day after I moved to Hawaii, I looked up at the celling and saw a small off-white colored creature looking down at me. I screamed. I swear the gecko also screamed.

Next day, I went to a store and found a gecko t-shirt. 

Anyway, I researched geckos, even though I didn't enjoy seeing the many different kind of Gekos and their feet. Even so, I practiced my presentation on the Hawaiian green gecko many times. The presentation succeed and I received a perfect "A" grade!

Recently, I can accept geckos because they helped me obtain my college degree.

Most people will never know how much I struggled studying in English at an American college (Thomas Edison State College) how pleased I was when I graduated with a BA in liberal arts. It was so challenging and now that it's over, I miss that time and even think of going back to school again, this time for a master's degree. Thank you geckoes!