I don't usually comment on television shows. In fact, I generally avoid them. A TV program has to be really exceptional for me to tolerate all those interminable commercials and still have the space to relate. But relate I could to GREEK. To tell the truth, I didn't even know the six-season series existed, until stumbling on it on NetFlix well after the series was laid to rest and buried.

I could relate to this program maybe because in my college years I worked as a houseboy in a fraternity in order to afford "rushing" and much of what I saw on GREEK, I saw during my pledge year. Reality was in many ways more interesting that Hollywood, but the basics were present in both: sex, sex and sex. What, after all, are college students really most interested in? I didn't say doing sex, but an interest is sex in every possible aspect from meeting, conversing and basic dating to touching, holding hands and kissing to...social manners, kindness and compassion. 

My fraternity had a sorority we regularly socialized with from serenading to Roman orgy party. Yet, in the end, I learned so much: charity, hospitality, appreciation, gratitude, thanks and most of all respect for one another through manners. Call me old-fashioned, but it seems to me that this is exactly what many youth of today are desperately searching for and can't seem to find. It's not there in "business" or "competition" or "power," but it's still "out there," if one looks hard enough and can see fraternities and sororities for what they are below the surface. That's what GREEK reminded me -- a great TV series worth watching from beginning to end if you can't join a "real" fraternity or sorority.