Several nights ago, Betty and I had the privilege of viewing "Legends in Concert (Waikiki)." I expected to see an Elvis Presley look-alike, and maybe several other star look-alikes. I'm from the 60s and 70s so I can say from personal experience that Elvis looked and sang like Elvis, Stephen Tyler like Stephen Tyler (of Aerosmith), Madonna like Madonna and Michael Jackson as Michael Jackson. What blew me out of my seat was that in many ways the look-alikes and show exceeded those they were portraying.

For example, I saw Elvis "live" on television, but never in concert. Experiencing Elvis in concert was exactly like experiencing Elvis "live" in concert. When he wandered among the audience, and greeted Betty's and me while shaking our hands, I felt like "The King" was truly back.

Originally, I thought Stephen Tyler was Mick Jagger -- silly me -- then it came to me that the ST and A backdrops stood for the brash lead singer of the famous group Aerosmith. I watched in stunned silence as ST worked the audience (and me) into a rock'n roll frenzy. 

Madonna was the sweetest thing in designer underclothes I've ever seen, and I swear, she sounded exactly as I remember Madonna sounding. Experiencing her "live," I could see the influence Marilyn Monroe must have had on her. 

Experiencing the King of Pop "in the flesh" again (Betty and I saw him live at the Aloha Stadium) was uncanny. The first time I could barely make him out on stage and had to be satisfied watching him on the huge monitor screens. Being 20 feet from him onstage was more than awesome, it was...what can I say? It Like when I saw Jimmie Hendrix live at the Fillmore West. Really. 

If you're visiting Hawaii and need a break from beaches, waves and sun, don't hesitate to take in "Legends in Concert!" I'm already planning on going again. I posted a couple photos of the brochure.