I don't think I've shared that I'm a multi-award-winning author of a variety of books ranging from non-ficition educational works to poetry collections to novels and children's books. My first children's book, SOURDOUGH SCOTT'S BEDTIME FAIRYTALES FROM ALASKA (Publication Consultants, 2005) is a collection of three "modern" fairy tales I made up and told around campfires throughout Alaska until someone suggested I write them down for posterity. 

That done, I wrote a non-fiction education work, UNLOCK THE GENIUS WITHIN (Rowman & Littlefield Education 2005) in which I argued for educational methods that non-violently increase knowledge and wisdom rather than information. As a result, several teachers challenged me to write a totally non-violent "curiosity-based, discovery-driven" book for children ("Can't be done," they said). The result was A WHALE'S TALE (Savant 2008) which, to everyone's surprise but me, rapidly became Savant Books and Publications bestselling work of all time. 

The last couple years, the same educators, as well as some of my young readers and their parents have asked me to do another ("Can't be done a second time," the same educators said). 

The result is THE TURTLE DANCES (Savant, in press, scheduled for release in mid-2013). Actually, I think this one easily equals A WHALE'S TALE in engaging readers, young and old, in "curiosity-based, discovery-driven" learning. I finished the manuscript in January, and worked with my editor, Jim Currie through April, cleaning it up. The last couple months, the illustrator (the same one I had for A WHALE'S TALE -- my mother -- an Oklahoma artist known for her realistic paintings and illustrations) and I have been finalizing the 28 "color-me-please" line drawings for it. Look for it on Amazon.com. 

Can you imagine a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle partner-dancing? I'll blog again just before it's actually released.

Best wishes to all you whale and turtle lovers out there, young and old!