My husband and I watched an India movie about true love called "Hum-Tum!"  This was not a serious movie, and, while we talked about it, I took my dictionary and searched "true" and "love."

The definition of  true and love: True is never false, it is based on facts and not imagined or invented.  Also true is the real value, all the right qualities.

Love, on the other hand, is caring very much about someone, having a strong feeling of caring for and liking someone. This, combined with sexual attraction. 

I believe that true love is the real value of feelings and affections of two people. It doesn't matter what other people think, only what he feels for me and I feel for him. This is very American! 

Another kind of true love is to need someone and to be there always for him or her. This is very Japanese!

So what are we? American or Japanese? I think the best of both. 

I LOVE MY HUSBAND, DAN (he always enjoys hearing this).
Good night!