Now that my new children's Color-Me-Please book, THE TURTLE DANCES (Savant 2013), has been released, I'm out looking for some stuffed animals to include along with the book. They've got to be realistic (I'm a naturalist) and yet cute and cuddly (after all, Isla, the dancing turtle and her dance partner, Surf, are beautiful turtles in looks and heart). While I haven't yet fully decided, I'm favoring these GUNDimals turtles. 

What do you think? Have you read my new book about Isla, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle who wants to partner dance? If not, please do. It recently won First Place at the Ada County Fair in Ada, Oklahoma. It's available as a softcover book from multiple sources online like and at fine bookstores throughout the world:

When asked what, if any, human issues it deals with, I say (1) the importance of exercise, especially (2) dance which all children love, and (3) how to make friends (Isla wants a dance partner to dance with). These are important topics for children 3 to 16 years old, and, hey, adults, too, for that matter! It's a Color-Me-Please work with 20 black and white line drawings that children can color and their parents treasure. 

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Oh, and I've just made an Isla button and Betty and I are wearing it proudly all about town.