The earth is a magnificent place. Think Swiss Alps, red autumn leaves, the scent of frangiapanni in the air, ripe mangoes. It's people who are the problem. Hurt, depressed, vengeful, they replay their hurt on one another over and over, incessantly, hoping against hope that someone, somewhere will save them from themselves. Is a better world possible when so much pain is circulating around in ever widening spirals? Is our fate that of a magnificent world of damaged Conan the Barbarians where the toughest "win" and everyone else "loses?" Possible, yes. Inevitable, I think -- I hope -- not. 

I have always loved the Arthurian tales, not for their violence, but chivalry, honor, kindness and, yes, love. And not the ideal, but the real kind. Human chivalry, honor, kindness and love despite the violence and disappointment. I believe in humanity, even more in humans -- individuals like you and me, experiencing all the pain that humans seem to carry with them, but still crying for joy. Dancing. Laughing. 

How will we ever know if the great battle is finally won? When men and women together freely cry for joy!