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January 17, 2019

I reviewed human anatomy tonight. This is the first time in 2019.

First I did a quiz on what I learned about muscle anatomy last year, namely the muscles of the upper and lower arm. I knew the major muscles names and actions, but I really didn't understand these muscles' origins and insertions or their direction (for Swedish massage). The human body is so complicated, especially when studying it in English rather than my native Japanese! My husband, who is a retired physician, reviewed these muscles on his arm and said that for every muscle, there is another that does the opposite (opposition). This is a basic concept, because muscles can do only one thing: squeeze (contract). Sometimes, like Pronator Teres and Pronator Quadratus, two muscles have only one in opposition (Supinator). Ahh! I quickly remembered this information, but I want to learn it in Japanese, too! Very challenging! 

Today''s study:

Biceps Brachii (flexes the arm) and Triceps Brachii (extends the arm)  
Pronator Teres (and Pronator Quadratus) both pronate the forearm, and the Supinators supinate the forearm.
Usually hand is used in pronation so two muscles are used for that. Usually hand is relaxed in supination, so only one muscle is needed for that.

Lying the stomach (face, or in this case, hand palm is down) called PRONE.
Lying the back (face, or in this case, hand palm is up) called SUPINATE.  (helpful memory clue: Eating soup requires one to be face up, so SUPINATE). :-)

Supinator and Pronator muscles are opposite. Both muscles fibers are perpendicular, in X or cross. 

I gradually am interested in organized human body. I appreciate to learn this in English (a little bit satire)!

By the way, I taught a group lesson this week on International Rumba stressing basic figure, Cuban motion, connection, lead and follow.

After that, I took a group dance lesson this week on Quickstep and International Cha Cha with Mr. Albert Franz. To make Quickstep look right, the quarter turn to the right requires early ankle rise, the progressive chasse requires gradual rise, with "over the mountain" lowering between 4 and 1. Another Waltz/Foxtrot/Quickstep/Vienese Waltz tip:  All except Tango follow a slow counter-clockwise circle (to the left). Also another Foxtrot/Quickstep tip: all natural (right) turns need contra body movement position (CBMP) shape before moving, while all reverse (left) turns move, then need CBMP. This is because lady is on man's right side in his right arm frame. That is also to help lady execute a left turn (more difficult than right turn).  Interesting. All this really does make our Quickstep look better!

Cha Cha tips: Always remember that timing, tempo and rhythm are different! Timing is 4/4 (four beats to a measure: 1, 2, 3, 4), tempo (speed - 31 to 35 bars per minute), and rhythm has movement on 2, 3, 4-and or 2, 3, cha-cha). The movements are crisp, with the break (change from forward to backward or vice versa movement on the 2, leaving 1 for settling the hip to create Cuban motion). We learned a new pattern: Half a basic, followed by Natural Top going directly into an Alamana into Hand-to-Hand. Tricky!





January 10, 2019
My husband (and dance partner) and I talked about how to explain rumba today. Our instructor, Mr. Albert Franz, always said what made a dance particular was foot position, rise and fall, sway, contra body (Modern or Standard Ballroom) or Cuban motion (Latin), timing and rhythm, direction/allignment, turn, footwork, and finally, precede/follows, but it is timing and rhythm that seems to give the biggest problem and cause the most confusion in dancers. In my book, IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (...
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January 7, 2019
Happy New Year!

It is already Jan. 6th. Time goes so fast.

My husband and I went to Hawaii Kai Retirement Center to host a monthly dance. It's strictly volunteer, and I love it!

This is the first event of 2019. We hold it on the first Sunday of every month. This month was New Year's Party!

From 6:00 pm, retirement center residents gathered at "The Ice Cream Parlor" in the Center next to the dining room in Phase Two. We danced to Glen Miller's music for 20 minutes, then we did a Tango performance,...
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December 31, 2018
I am reviewing bones and their muscles, and how to use them in ballroom and Latin dancing.

Arm to hand:

Upper arm - humerus bone (one bone) with three major muscles -- biceps, deltoid and triceps. Biceps flexes the arm like a flower closing. Triceps extends the arm  like a flower opening. Deltoid moves the arm to the side like a bird's wing. 

Lower arm - radius and ulna (two bones) with two major muscles -- pronator teres and pronator quadratus. Both muscles pronate (turns the hand palm down) ...
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More ENGLISH! もっともっと英語を!

October 1, 2018


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October 1, 2018
Watching Disney's "Frozen" reminds us that somewhere in the world, there's more snow than just shave ice in a bowl. Shave ice is Hawaii's way of remembering what winter is like elsewhere. In fact, my favorite winter (i.e. shave ice) is Waialua dark chocolate flavor. Yumm. Now that's what I call winter.

Being originally from Alaska, I'm often asked why I moved to Hawaii. Sunshine, tradewinds, sweet smelling flowers, lots of great ballroom and latin dancing. I'm equally often asked if I miss Al...
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April 3, 2018


WOO…it is 2018 April…time and money go so fast! I have decided to restart Futari Blog!

It is very easy to stop something but it is very challenging to continue a blog.

It is 1 April 2018, but this is not an April Fool's joke: I read in the newspaper that coffee can be dangerous to drink. My husband mentioned that perhaps it is the processing that introduces dangerous chemicals. Actually, I wanted to talk about drinking bitter coffee yesterday. So people have at least five taste se...

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October 28, 2017
Aloha. Recently, I have been thinking of renewing my life and this blog. When I read my last blog entry, I was so busy finishing my master's degree in somatic therapy and publishing my book, IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY (Savant 2017), I couldn't find time to continue blogging, and I was afraid I'd have to end Futari Blog. Gladly, I have now finished my master's degree (yay!) and had my book published (double yay!), and now have time and interest. In fact, I've entirely changed my thinking abo...
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November 8, 2016

I was asked yesterday by a friend who I was going to vote for. An innocuous question, to my surprise, asked in a decidedly acrimonious voice. It was as if whomever I voted for, if it wasn't the same as the person he voted for, our relationship, perhaps even our lifelong friendship would suddenly fall into doubt. 

First, like many Americans, I'm sick of the tsunami of pathos, ethos, keiros and personally interpreted numos, and the almost total lack of the only kind of argument that has any tru...

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January 14, 2015
Happy New Year!!

It has been so busy a new year.  I went to work on New Year's Day.  After working, Dan and I attended my editor's wedding in the evening on January second (my editor, David, is editing my upcoming book, IN SEARCH OF SOMATIC THERAPY).  The weather was heavy with rain but the wedding had so many people and was a very relaxed ceremony.

It has been three years since Dan injured his knee and his doctor said to forget about dancing. He recommended surgery and said he had a 75% chance...
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